Elboque means blessing….

Our Story

“Timeless, unisex, across generations, everyday use throughout the year.”

The creator of Elboque Couture spent her career as an international development aid worker in the regions of Central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. She often came across vast fields of sheep grazing as well as the workings of sheep shearing and of making the shorn materials into various products. Then she got firsthand knowledge of sheep wool’s amazing benefits and versatile uses. Sheepskin is much more than just a warm and cozy material with fluffy look. It is breathable and durable to sustain extreme weather conditions (cold or hot), and it gives amazing health benefits to human body when it is worn.

So, with her exacting eye and the sense of style, after having a soft preparation for several years, she launched her fashion house “Elboque Couture” in Vancouver Canada, by transforming this marvellous material to a fashion icon!

Elboque aims to create the goods that are original, timeless, genderless, and practical for everyday use by all generations. The products it creates vary, ranging from bags and accessories to apparel and homeware. She globe-trots regularly to source the finest materials and the best workmanship available in the fashion industry to maintain the quality standard she sets.We use 100% genuine shearling and leather sourced and processed with the methods that meet the international quality control standards. We focus on the quality, not quantity, and are pleased to take personalised orders, collaborating with individual clients who wish to express their personality in their fashion wear.

We share our blessings which the name “ELBOQUE” stands for, with the organizations and the communities that are close to our heart.
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