Timeless, unisex, across generations, everyday use throughout the year…

The creator of Elboque Couture spent her professional career as an aid worker in the field of international development, working across the continents, through which she frequently encountered the scenes of sheep shearing and the use of the shearling for various purposes. Subsequently she acquired a first hand experience and knowledge of sheep sool’s wonderful benefits to human body, including a medicinal effect!

Sheep wool has a magnificent insulation function. Amazingly, it remains warm in winter and cool in summer! It is resistant to dirt and bacteria, and the lanolin property in the sheepskin provides a self-cleaning quality when the sheepskin is hung in fresh air. The fur revives even after being exposed in freezing rain, snow, or penetrating sun.

So, we have decided to take this marvelous material to another level in style, transforming it to a fashion icon!

The sheepskins used in our bags are 100% natural, and originated from Spain, UK, and Turkey whose sourcing and processing methods meet international quality standards. Our dedicated design team and a selection of masters handbag artisans are pleased to create custom-made bags catered to your style and colours with a minimum quantity guaranteed.

Timeless, light-weight, silky-soft, and warm, our bags are designed to function as an everyday bag enjoyed all year around across the generations for various occasions, whilst giving the finest look of luxury.

Elboque Couture thrives on ethical sourcing and takes great pride in the high quality materials used.

Our corporate ethos is equity, diversity, and philanthropy.