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Elboque Blog

What is Shearling?

Shearling sheepskin is the hide of a sheep, where the hide is tanned with the wool being still attached. So, a hide (leather) surface is on one side and a wool surface intact on the other. So, shearling sheepskin breathes. It creates the soft and uniform look and feel. Napa and suede are the types…

What is so magnificent about shearling sheepskin?

Research findings have long proved the benefits of sheepskin to human body. No wonder why the rugged, ultra-warm sheepskin bomber jackets were produced during the World War I and II to protect pilots who flew uninsulated planes in below-freezing…

Natural fur vs Artificial fur?

Artificial fur is made from non-renewable petroleum-based products, like nylon, acrylic and polyester, which is then treated with heat and chemicals to improve its look and feel. This industrial process uses three times as much non-renewable energy as real…