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Nov 12-Dec 24/2022

Elboque means blessing…..

Our Story

“Timeless, unisex, across generations, everyday use throughout the year.”

The creator of Elboque Couture spent her professional career as an aid worker in the field of international development. While she worked across the countries in Africa, Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East, she frequently came across the scenes of sheep shearing and of using the shorn materials for various purposes on a daily basis. Then she learnt about sheep wool’s amazing benefits, including the medicinal effects on the human body. Sheep wool has a magnificent insulation function. It remains warm in cold and cool in hot weather and is resistant to dirt and bacteria. The lanolin property in sheepskin provides a self-cleaning quality when the sheepskin is hung in the fresh air. The wool revives to the original condition even after being exposed in freezing rain, snow, or penetrating sun!

So, the creator, known for her sartorial elegance, decided to elevate this marvelous material to the next level, transforming it to a fashion icon!

She started this journey all by herself in her apartment in the neighbourhood of False Creek in Vancouver Canada, with the mindset of creating her bags that can function as an everyday bag enjoyed all year around across the generations for various occasions. She has developed a network of working partners both at home and abroad to source the finest materials and the best workmanship available. The sheepskins used in the bags are 100% natural, and originated mainly from Spain, UK, and Turkey whose sourcing and processing methods meet international quality standards. She travels extensively, keeping abreast of the current trends and developments in the global fashion industry and ever-expanding her collaborations with the industry partners.

Elboque Couture operates on a small number of individuals of various ethnic, cultural, and professional backgrounds. We enjoy making custom-ordered products catered to one’s style and colours upon a minimum quantity guaranteed. Our company ethos is equity, diversity, and philanthropy. We share our blessings which the name “Elboque” stands for, with the organizations and the communities that are close to our hearts.