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Visit us at the Vancouver Christmas Market (Hut #65) 
Nov 12-Dec 24/2022

MIFUR Milan Italy

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Vancouver Christmas Market Nov-Dec 2022

Two years in a row, Elboque will participate as a vendor in the VCM this year. Those who came by and bought our products, your candid suggestions and feedback offered during the market were really appreciated!
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Collaboration in Turkey June 2022

It happens to be the time of the year in Turkey, a mecca for textile and fur & leather shoppers, that fresh batches of thousands of sheepskins and shearling products keep coming out. Elboque has found a new partner on this trip, who will produce a new collection…

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Fashion Week in Milan Italy Sept 2022

In conjunction with the Milan Fashion Week SS/23, a full scale F2F tradeshow  was finally back from more than a two year long disruption! Elboque couldn’t wait but attend the show to meet with old and new partners in the industry and to keep updated on the new trends. 

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Back to the master artisans in Seoul Korea June 2022

Seoul, the first stop of Elboque’s annual sourcing trip abroad this year. Our life-long experienced bag masters are still active in their work, while some finally hung up their tools for good in recent months…

Estelle Collection featured in a top-rated Korean TV drama!

The Metallic Silver Grey was featured on a top rated Korean soap opera titled “누가뭐래도 [Noo-gah-mouraedo] ” (“No matter what anyone says” in English), in the episode aired on 24 Dec., 2020. The story goes: the starring character was receiving…

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Distributor search in Paris France June 2022

Europe being fully open at the borders with no restriction of Covid-19 protocol, Elboque added another lag of its annual sourcing trip in Europe: Paris, France! So sweet to be back in Paris in almost 3 years. 

Robi Collection on Air! The CTV’s Marilyn Denis Show, 22 January 2021.

Robi-White was featured during the fashion & style segment during the show as a must-have item for the shoulder season. Click our Instagram icon in the bottom to check it out!

Coterie – New York, NY February 2020

Coterie is one the largest fashion trade shows in the world, held twice a year: one in Spring, other in the fall. It creates platforms for the fashion industry to trade, innovate, and grow through three-day long B2B connections…

Hand-made Fair, Seoul Korea December 2019

Made in Korea. The first batch of our products were 90% hand-made by a selection of masters handbag artisans in Korea, who is known for their highly skilled workmanship, sense of style, decade-long experience had with strong work ethics…

MIFUR, Milan, Italy February 2019

MIFUR is one of the largest international fur and leather trade exhibition held in Milan Italy in conjunction with Milan Fashion Week. The specific purpose to attend this show was to see the year’s trends and colours in fur…

PremiereVision Paris, Paris France September 2019

Sourcing the crème of crops for the new season! We attended this show to hand-pick our shearling suppliers from all across the globe. After making a thorough search and negotiations, we found a sole supplier, who is dedicated to…

Premiere Classe, Paris France March 2019

We attended this exhibition as a curious team of researchers seeking what’s to come in the fall season!The show is rather small in size and in the number of sellers and buyers. It turned out to be a gem…